Vaginal Bleaching & Anal Bleaching

Intimate skin whitening, more appropriately vaginal bleaching or anal bleaching is a quite a sensitive skincare cosmetic treatment. The idea of bleaching the intimate parts has been around for years and is getting increasingly common among women as they are gaining much stronger insights, awareness and comfort when it comes to their bodies. Getting every portion of one’s body properly groomed is a matter of importance, making more apparent differences in the skin color.

Methods for Vaginal and Anal Bleaching

There are numerous methods for intimate body part bleaching. Some of them are very expensive, risky or scary. While vaginal and anal bleaching has achieved a huge level of notoriety, going for such bleaching treatments is not be a viable option for all woman. For example, cryosurgery uses extreme temperatures for the purpose of modifying or destroying the skin layers. Another method for the same is laser treatment that is expensive as well as uncomfortable at times. Spas also offer such treatments at very high costs charging more than hundreds of dollars for each bleaching appointment.

The safest, easiest, least expensive and comfortable method is to use a cream for skin brightening at home. The best available products for intimate area whitening make the overall skin tone appear brighter and more radiant. However, the results are not achieved as quickly as compared to surgeries or spa treatments. But, even these expensive treatment methods that charge something between $500 to $5000 do not guarantee the results.

Intimate skin whitening is a personal subject and its natural for women to feel uneasy or conscious about themselves while opting for such treatments, even if one has got money to pay for the expensive treatment methods for the same. This makes a topical product an ideal product as it one can use it in the comfort of their home without worrying about feeling embarrassed or hesitant opting for whitening the vaginal or anal area.

Risk Factors Associated with Bleaching Products

Not all vaginal and anal bleaching products are safe as it is a very sensitive and intimate cosmetic procedure. The reason behind this is that some cosmetic companies use ingredients that are dangerous for the health of the user. Mercury, hydroquinone and steroids are the most harmful of these ingredients. Hydroquinone leads to cancer and it has been banned in most civilized countries. It is quite important for a good overall health to avoid buying any products for skin whitening that have hydroquinone as an ingredient.

Time Taken for Visible Results

Usually, the time taken for skin lightening varies from one individual to another as everyone has different skin properties. Usually, producing visible results in the skin around the intimate areas are achieved in a few weeks of continuous use as directed, regardless of the type of whitening product such as gels, creams or serums. At the maximum, it can take upto two months to show results. But, it is essential to maintain a proper regimen for consistent daily treatment to get visible whitening. Also, it is advised not to stop the application of the cream in between the treatment period for a long time as it can lead to the initial skin color showing back.

Choosing the Perfect Bleaching Solution

Vaginal Bleaching Cream And Anal Bleaching

Focus on positive bleaching solutions to achieve the best expected quality. A bleaching cream or lotion that you choose to apply around your private parts should be able to provide you complete comfort. Products that cause frequent irritation should be strictly avoided even if associated with reputed brands. The initial sign of successful and right bleaching is a gradually progressing toned skin. Considering vaginal bleaching creamseveral aspects regarding this will work as fruitful.

A great choice to perform this sensitive procedure is Epibright Vaginal Bleaching Cream as it does not contain harmful or banned ingredients. Instead, it uses safe yet powerful ingredients for skin lightening such as Shea Butter, Arbutin, Vitamins and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Also, it is great in terms of price as compared to other vaginal bleaching treatments.

When planning for a vaginal or anal bleaching, the best thing to do is to contact a reputed dermatologists and discuss the subject according to your requirements and conditions. Making yourself look your best in a way that makes you feel secure and happy, is just the right thing.





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